Dafne Vicente-Sandoval

Dafne is a bassoon player, who explores sound through improvisation, contemporary music performance and sound installations.

Her instrumental approach is centered on the fragility of sound and its emergence within a given space. In a concert situation she seeks to create a parodoxal presence of vulnerability and strength by testing the tension between instability and control. 

Dafne currently lives in Paris and works mainly everywhere else. She favours long term face-to-face collaborations within which her work keeps an integrity while holding a dialogue with that of others (current projects with Jakob Ullmann, Klaus Lang, Éliane Radigue, Catherine Lamb, Phill Niblock, Klaus Filip).

Her work has been shown in contemporary music festivals (Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, England; Musikprotokoll, Graz; Blurred Edges, Hamburg; Visiones Sonoras, Mexico), as well as in improvised music (Konfrontationen, Austria; No Idea, Texas) and sound art (Tsonami, Chile) festivals.